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The past three years in the Master of Landscape Architecture program at Cal Poly Pomona have been spent writing proposals, doing research, outreach, understanding environmental policy, and understanding the mechanisms of implementing and creating Master and Vision Plans. I have worked projects that have entailed collecting inventory, developing program, planning, investigating alternative energy solutions, understanding Low Impact Development, Best Management Practices, stormwater management, pollution mitigation, watershed management, and Non Point Source Pollution mitigation. 

Some projects include: the development of a Vision Plan for the Desert Studies Center (DSC) at Zzyzx, the planning and design of the Temecula Art and Botanic Garden, a proposal for a project adjacent to the Cornfield Arroyo Seco project, a new design proposal for the Discovery Center at Whittier Narrows, a proposal for the City of Irwindale, and the development of a Greenway Vision Plan for the East San Gabriel Valley.


Desert Studies Center - Geology Walk