Master of Landscape Architecture @ Cal Poly Pomona (2010-11)

The Desert Studies Center is Located in the Mojave National Preserve,at the end of Zzyzx Road. It borders Soda Lake, a dry salt lake bed, it was once the location of an old mineral spa resort in the early 20th century. 

The Master Plan was a collaborative effort. Upon completion of our research, IPA report, and Master Plan we focused on individual site designs within our Master Plan. I was tackling the "Geology Walk" area, which had many restrictions...mainly being the inclusion of certain rocks and minerals within the exhibit, and the incorporation of several types of Dino prints they have in their collection. 

The team was composed of: Rachel Booher, Katya Khankhalaeva, Yoo Jung Yang and Myself.

Instructor Dr. Susan Mulley, Spring 2011

DSC (Desert Studies Center) Zzyzx, Mojave National Preserve CA. 

Rachel Booher, Katya Khankhaleva, M. Michele Montano / Spring 2011

DSC (Desert Studies Center) Zzyzx, Mojave National Preserve CA. Proposed Geology Walk; Individual Site Design Board_Spring 2011

Proposed Plan for the Temecula Botanic Garden_Winter 2010

This Temecula Site was interesting. It is surrounded by vineyards. In this area of Temecula, wine is a large part of the economy. The site borders a fire station, and a children's home. It sits next to an intermittent creek and has a very steep hillside. The local Garden Club, who is partially sponsoring this project, has requested a community garden, a demonstration garden, and areas for classes to be held. 

They requested proposals with solutions and ways to generate revenue within the site, they wanted to create a sustainable community, a community that is completely self supportive. we created areas based on the flora and fauna of the region. The South more Active region is created with multiple activities in mind. The northern region of the site was designed to be a more passive recreational environment. 

This project was created in collaboration with Yoo Jung Yang.

Instructor Angie Song, Winter 2011 

A detail sketch for a children's interactive play area in the Northern end of the botanic garden.

These plans were created in collaboration with my project partner Yoo Jung Yang. 

FLOW_Designed for the Inland Empire Utilities Agency_Spring 2011

This site was fun to design. We were given a space that would only, for the most part be a visual cue. The site can not be reached unless you were within the grounds of the reclamation plant. The only access the public has to the site is a visual one off of the 60 fwy. , and one from above as a fly over.

In my design I attempted to create a dialogue between the site and the function of the channel that is surrounded.  The IEUA requested a design that is low water, and low maintenance. I chose a very simple plant palate that would reflect the flow of water, and give the visual cues I wanted...movement and the idea of the flow of water from the north to the south. 

Instructor Craig 'Budd' Sutton, Spring 2011

Turning Brownfields into Greenfields_ proposed plan for The Port @ Signal Hill, CA._ Fall 2010

This project was exciting for me. I want to get into land reclamation and historical preservation when I graduate from this program. Reclaiming this brownfield is right along those lines, and provided great practice for me. 

The site still had over a dozen working oil pump jacks that had to be left on site. We had to somehow incorporate them, the design also had to address what would happen to those areas once they were no longer operational. There are contaminated areas on site, and the soil issues will need to be addressed before the project begins as well. The client requested the inclusion of 4 Baseball fields, 4 tennis courts, 3 soccer fields, a skate and bike park, playground, classroom facilities, restrooms, parking for at least 150 cars, and assigned bus parking. It was quite a tall order, but I believe I was able to come up with a design that will make everyone happy. 

Instructor Lori Pullman, Fall 2010

Topanga State Park_GIS Land Use Study

Instructor Weimin Li, Winter 2011

Los Angeles GIS High Density Study

Instructor Weimin Li, Winter 2011